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This is quite a small letter, and not written by a journalist or reporter, as were the previous 2 letters.

Written by a Coloradian

I've never started a forward before so i'm sorry if its not in the right
format. I guess i kinda just needed to say something about the huge
tragedy that happened yesterday. I know that this type of forward
usually has really cheezy stories to make you cry but I don't have one
and I don't think it is necessary in this situation anyways. I know
that a lot of people think that the only way we can save our country is
to strike back and kill all the terrorist and anyone else who gets in
the way. By now I think we should have learned that an eye for an eye
leaves everyone blind. It just creates more hate. Hate that can last
for generations. Hate is the reason there are terrorists to start
with. The only thing that counters hate is love and that is all that
will save us. I would like you to send your love, or prayers to all
those who lost there lives, all those who lost there family members or
friends, and to the terrorist themselves who have lost all sight of
what life is about. I would also like you to send this to all of your
friends and family to help form a web of light around the world.