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The Anarchist Cookbook!


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Here you can download two versions of the Anarchists Cookbook and they both need Pkunzip or Winzip to open. The earlier version, #1, is in .txt format. The second, #2(V.2000) is in .pdf and needs Adobe Acrobat to open. I don't have any idea what these texts contain, so don't blame anything that may arise from viewing these documents on me.
Have fun!


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Dude, If you enjoy the anarchist cookbook than there may be some other sites that you might want to check out. - Great resource for all you literary wants and needs, especially with explovies, etc. More an extension of the Anarchist Cookbook. - a site that goes through the basics of java exploitation, how to both implement and avoid it.

Thank you for supporting my site. Please read the advised text before reading the Anarchist Cookbook. I am not responsible for anything that may arise from your reading the anarchist cookbook. Be aware that frequenting certain anachy sites and/or forums where illegal activities are discussed may put you on a watch list.
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